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Changes to Treasurer's Instructions relating to "zero tolerance towards violence against women" provisions in procurement documentationBack to Top

Relevant Treasurer's Instructions have been amended (effective from 1 November 2016) to require agencies to include provisions in procurement documentation in relation to the Government's position on zero tolerance towards violence against women.

Appropriate changes have been made to the Crown Solicitor's pro forma procurement documentation located on this website at Buying for Government > Resources > Request for Tender, Request for Quotation and Contract for Services Documentation.

Refer to the requirements contained in Instructions 1109, 1206, 1207 and 1216, available on Treasury's website at

(Dated 1 November 2016)

New Free Trade Agreement ThresholdsBack to Top

The provisions of relevant free trade agreements apply to procurements where the estimated dollar value is equal to or in excess of the thresholds set out in the Treasurer's Instructions 1102 and 1202. The thresholds are reviewed every two years.

With effect from 1 January 2016:

  • for procurement of goods and services the threshold has increased from AUD $551 000 (GST inclusive) to AUD $614 000 (GST inclusive); and
  • for procurement of construction services, the threshold has increased from $7.769 million (GST inclusive) to AUD $8.652 million (GST inclusive).

Treasurer's Instructions 1102 and 1202 have been amended to reflect the threshold changes.

(Dated 13 January 2016)

Change to Treasurer's Instructions relating to tender newspaper advertisingBack to Top

The Treasurer's Instructions have been amended (effective from 23 November 2015) to remove the mandatory requirement for agencies to advertise tender notices in at least one local newspaper. Agencies now have the flexibility, at their discretion, to advertise tenders in print media on a case by case basis. The requirement to advertise all tenders on the Tenders website remains.

Refer to the requirements contained in Instructions 1107 and 1209, available on Treasury's website at

New contractor licensing requirementsBack to Top

The building and construction/roads and bridges Treasurer's Instructions have been amended (effective from 23 November 2015) to require agencies to ensure that prior to a contract being awarded for works, the preferred supplier has:

  • identified the appropriate certifications, accreditations, registrations and licences necessary to undertake the contract works; and
  • completed a statutory declaration that it and its employees and/or sub-contractors hold the above.

The practical effect of the changes is that agencies need to obtain from suppliers a statutory declaration, at the time of tendering, which sets out the licences required to undertake the work and attests that the supplier, its employees and/or sub-contractors, hold those relevant licences.

Changes are being made to the Crown Solicitor's pro forma procurement documentation and a pro forma statutory declaration will be prepared for use by suppliers during the procurement process to support agencies in relation to the changes. Until those documents have been published, agencies should refer relevant matters to the Office of the Crown Solicitor for advice on appropriate inclusions in their procurement documentation.

Refer to the requirements contained in Instructions 1206, 1207 and 1211, available on Treasury's website at

Review of the Treasurer's InstructionsBack to Top

As part of the Government's red tape reduction program, Treasury has recently undertaken a review of the Treasurer's Instructions relating to procurement and Government contracts to determine those that are no longer required and to identify improvements. As a result of the review, seven TIs have been retired and changes made to TI 1301 relating to disposals.

The changes take effect from 13 July 2015 and include:

  • the retirement of TIs 1125 and 1230 relating to the Government's policy on the timely payment of invoices which are no longer required as the requirements of TI 402 Cash Management override;
  • the retirement of TIs 1302, 1303, 1304, 1305 and 1306 relating to disposal; and
  • amendment to TI 1301 and the release of a new publication Disposal of Government Assets - Tasmanian Government Agencies, to reflect changes resulting from the retirement of the above TIs relating to disposal.

The Treasurer's Instructions are available on Treasury's website at The new disposal publication is available from the Publications tab on this website.

(Dated 13 July 2015)

Pre-procurement Industry Consultation Review ProcessBack to Top

The Central Procurement Board has been abolished and replaced with a simplified pre-procurement industry consultation review process for relevant high value procurements. In accordance with the provisions of the Treasurer's Instructions 1116 and 1218, agencies must provide the Secretary of the Department of Treasury and Finance with a pre-procurement industry consultation report for review and approval. The report summarises the outcomes of consultation undertaken with industry and local business representatives in the planning stages of the intended procurement.

For further information refer to the pre-procurement industry consultation review process.

New Free Trade Agreement with KoreaBack to Top

The Tasmanian Government has agreed to participate in the procurement chapter of the Korea-Australia Free Trade Agreement which will commence on 12 December 2014. The Treasurer's Instructions and the Free Trade Agreements Guideline are in the process of being amended to reflect the entry into force of this Agreement. Compliance with the Treasurer's Instructions and the requirements of the Guideline will ensure compliance with the Agreement's obligations.

(Dated 12 December 2014)

Buy Local PolicyBack to Top

The Buy Local Policy has been released to increase awareness of the requirements for, and benefits in, buying locally and improve access to Government contracts for small and medium enterprises (SMEs). The Policy:

  • enhances opportunities for local businesses to compete for Government business by:
  • requiring Government Agencies to take into account the wider community and social benefits of purchasing decisions; and
  • promoting within Government, the advantages of buying locally;
  • reduces administrative burden on businesses providing services by simplifying procurement documentation;
  • provides businesses (and Government entities) with key information, tips, tools and training to effectively increase their future competitiveness to win government business; and
  • increases transparency in relation to Government procurement activities.

Further information is located on this website at Purchasing Framework > Purchasing Policies > Buy Local Policy.

(Dated 8 May 2014)

Changes to Treasurer's Instruction relating to the payment of invoicesBack to Top

The Treasurer has recently approved an amendment to Instruction 402 to require agencies to pay all invoices with a value of less than $50 000 within 30 calendar days, or if a shorter term has been agreed, within the shorter term.

For invoices of $50 000 and above, payment must be made in accordance with agreed terms and by the due date.

Further information about these policies, including the use of the Tasmanian Government Card, is located on this website at Purchasing Framework > Purchasing Policies > Payment of Invoices.

(Dated 15 April 2014)



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