What is prequalification?

Prequalification is an assessment of a supplier's financial, managerial and technical resources and competence to execute and complete a variety of work - in advance of an actual procurement process being undertaken. Prequalification classifies suppliers according to their expertise and capability in specific work categories within a specific financial range.

Government policy requires agencies to engage prequalified contractors and consultants for building construction projects and roads and bridges projects, where relevant prequalification schemes apply and where relevant categories exist within those schemes. These schemes are administered by either the Department of Treasury and Finance or the Department of State Growth.

If you are a building construction/roads and bridges contractor or a building construction consultants, you are encouraged to apply for prequalification.

Goods and Services suppliers are not prequalified on a whole-of-government basis.

What is the prequalification process?

A simple flowchart below sets out the process.  Further information on each step is located below the chart.

Prequalification Process picture

Prequalification application

To apply for prequalification you will need a prequalification application form and the supporting documentation. To access the guidelines and application forms, refer to how to register for Building and Construction or Roads and Bridges work.

Application is assessed

Your application is assessed against the criteria specified in the guidelines to determine your suitability to undertake work in the category and financial range for which you have applied. 

This assessment will determine if you have demonstrated satisfactory relevant experience and performance in the categories for which prequalification is being sought.

Supplier advised of outcome

Following a detailed assessment, you will be:

  • prequalified in that category;
  • prequalified in another category or financial range; or
  • determined as unsuitable for prequalification.

The results of this assessment will be advised to you in writing.

Opportunity to appeal outcome

If you are dissatisfied with the assessment outcome, and wish to have the decision reviewed, you can lodge an appeal. 


Prequalification is for two years. Building construction consultants and contractors will be advised in writing when their registration is due for renewal. Renewal requests for road and/or bridge consultants and contractors are advertised in the newspaper. 

At any time during the two-year period, you may apply for an upgrade or change to your existing prequalification categories and limits.


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