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Tender Checklist

It is always a good idea to use a checklist when tendering, to make sure you cover all the aspects required. This is a typical checklist, but you should develop your own checklist based on the requirements of each tender.





Planning your Response



Have you registered your interest in this tender?

If you receive your copy of the tender document from a third party, register your interest with the contracting agency so that you receive any amendments.


Do you understand all the requirements?

Make sure you have read the tender document and highlighted important points.


Do you need clarification?

If you do not understand something, talk to the agency contact.


When is the closing date?

When does the tender close and where should it be lodged? Late tenders will not usually be accepted.


Are you fully informed?

Make sure you attend any pre-tender briefing sessions.


Can you complete the entire contract in-house?

Can you complete the contract in-house or will you need to sub-contract or form a consortium? If you need outside help make sure you give others enough time to provide input into the tender.


What are the evaluation criteria?

Determine the criteria against which your tender will be evaluated and note any weighting placed on each of the criteria.


Do you need a tender response strategy?

For high value tenders you may wish to determine at an early stage if you can provide a competitive solution.


What are the contract terms and conditions?

Read the contract terms and conditions and make sure you can comply.


Have you identified how to respond?

How does your response need to be submitted - in a paper format or have electronic copies also been requested? How many copies are required?


What format do you respond in?

Are there any mandatory tender forms to be completed?

If there are, and they have not been included, your tender will be considered incomplete and will be eliminated.


Preparing your Response



Is your response in a simple format?

Your tender will be evaluated on content not on an elaborate presentation.


Are there tenderers response schedules?

If tenderers response schedules have been provided, use them.


What numbering has been used in the tender document?

If no set format for responding has been specified, follow the general format and numbering of the tender specification.


Have you answered all the specified requirements?

Prepare a checklist and tick each of them off as you answer them.


Have you provided all the information requested?

Have you been requested to supply other information and documents?


Have you indicated whether you comply with the conditions of contract?

If you exceed the requirements, or only partially comply, have you provided a detailed explanation?


Are there Quality Assurance requirements?

Are any supporting documents required? Are they attached?


Have you demonstrated your ability to meet all of the selection criteria?

Make sure you have clearly demonstrated (not just asserted) your ability to fulfill all the mandatory criteria.


Have you completed the price or cost schedule for all items you are tendering?

Have you included your costing for all items and followed the GST requirements?


Are you offering value for money?

Have you pitched competitively?


Have you contacted your referees to confirm they are willing to be a referee?

Are referee contact details correct?


Have there been any amendments?

Have there been any tender amendments issued and have you addressed these?


Is this an alternative tender?

Have you clearly identified that this is an "Alternative Tender"? Check with the agency first to confirm that an alternative proposal will be considered.


Submitting your Response



Have you signed all the appropriate forms?

Have you correctly signed all appropriate tender forms?


How can you send your response?

Can a fax or electronic lodgement be sent or is a hard copy required? How many copies are required?


What needs to be on the tender envelope?

Check to see if specific information is requested to be on the tender envelope - back and front - and how this is to be presented.


For more information on tenders see tender process, planning your tender response, preparing your response or submitting your response.


The attachments below are copies of the Tender Checklist as shown above:


If for any reason you are unable to access the documents from the links provided, please email to arrange for the information to be sent to you.





PDF Attachment


Word Attachment


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