Building and Construction Guidelines

The 1200 series of the Treasurer's Instructions together with various publications and guidance material set out the policy obligations and best practice strategies that apply to Tasmanian Government works tendering undertaken by inner Budget agencies.

These documents have been developed to assist Tasmanian Government agencies in establishing appropriate procurement and contract management systems for capital and maintenance works, including buildings, roads, bridges and their services. The appropriate management systems will assist in achieving best value for money from the Government's capital investment, while maintaining probity on the part of all participants through a competitive tendering process. They:

  • set out the principles for the efficient procurement of capital works;
  • state mandatory procedures to be followed by all agencies; and
  • provide guidance to all agencies,

while allowing for detailed procedures which are particular to the various agencies.

Publications relating to building and construction requirements are located at in the Publications section of this website. Important documents are referenced below:



Treasurer's Instructions​Sets out the mandatory requirements that agencies are to apply in relation to procurement and disposal of assets.

Buy Local Policy

Various publications that provide guidance on the Buy Local Policy requirements. The key documents include:

  International Procurement Obligations   (1Mb)​

Sets out the procedures and processes to be adopted when undertaking a procurement impacted by agreements that bind Tasmanian Government procurement. These are in addition to the mandatory requirements contained in the Treasurer's Instructions..

How to Assess Value for Money

Provides guidance on achieving value for money purchasing outcomes.

Confidentiality Policy

Details the requirements of the Crown Contracts Confidentiality Policy in relation to all contracts entered into between the Crown and any other party.

Procurement Practices Manual


A series of publications that provide guidance and information in relation to various stages of asset management including pre- and post-procurement stage guidance as well as mandatory and guidance information on the procurement processes for building and construction / roads and bridges. The manuals include:

Best Practice for the Engagement of Consultants - mandatory requirements and guidance information in relation to the engagement of consultants;

Best Practice for the Maintenance of Building Assets - advice on managing "asset maintenance risk"; and

Contract Documentation, Delegation and Risk - guidance information to assist agencies manage the Government's risk. It also sets out guidance information on documentation requirements, relating specifically to the Australian Standard General Conditions of Contract AS 2124-1992.

Tasmanian Annexure to the National Code of Practice for Construction

An outline of the Government's commitment to the implementation of the National Code of Practice for the Construction Industry. Compliance with the Code is a condition of tender for all Tasmanian Government construction projects.

Guidelines for Professional Indemnity and Public Liability Insurance

Insurance requirements in regard to the engagement of consultants for building works and services.

Guidelines for Tender Evaluation using Weighted Criteria for Building Works and Services

Details the weighted criteria method for assessment for government procurement relating to building works and services.