Disposal of all assets must be in accordance with Treasurer's Instruction 1301 and the disposal policy which is set out in the publication, Disposal of Government Assets - Tasmanian Government Agencies.

Generally, individual agencies are responsible for their own disposals. There are some exceptions such as motor vehicles managed by the Government's Fleet Manager and real property. 

Specific disposal requirements apply in relation to computers and also items which may potentially be of State significance. Further information is set out in the Disposal of Government Assets - Tasmanian Government Agencies publication.

In accordance with section 8(5)(e) of the Public Account Act 1986 an agency may retain the proceeds from the sale of all items of property (except a vehicle or vessel) with a value less than the amount referred to in the Public Account Regulations 2004.

An agency with an approved Strategic Asset Management Plan (SAMP) may retain a percentage of asset sale proceeds, provided that agencies provide a SAMP update every two years to reflect changes to agency service delivery strategies. For additional information relating to this, please refer to the Budget Management Guidelines - section 2.8 and 2.9.