Sources of Information

Listed below are some of the sources you can use when conducting market research:

  • Tenders website and Purchasing website

Search the Tenders website, particularly the Contracts Awarded and Future Opportunities sections to find similar tenders.  The contact officers for these contracts may be able to provide assistance, advice and other resources.

Be sure to also check Contracts to ensure that a common use contract does not already exist for the goods or services you are seeking.

  • Department experience and information exchange among departments

Take advantage of previous tender experiences, research and information gathered by your agency and other government departments.

  • Databases and Registers of Suppliers

Databases and registers of suppliers are also held by the Commonwealth and State industry development agencies, as well as private sector organisations. 

  • Yellow Pages

Browse through the Yellow Pages to identify potential suppliers, their contacts and locations.

  • Direct personal contact with suppliers

Companies and organisations wishing to be included in lists of potential suppliers may approach buyers from time to time and this should be encouraged.  However, you should ensure you observe the ethical standards outlined in the Government's purchasing principles.

  • Industry exhibitions

Industry exhibitions can offer the chance for suppliers to meet with government buyers to develop networks and identify new suppliers and products. 

  • Specialised publications

These sources are often available through the Internet and offer a range of marketplace information on products and supplier capabilities, trends and forecasts and financial standards.  Examples of these types of sources may include industry specific publications and annual business reports.


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