Unsuccessful Suppliers

After the completion of the evaluation process, and once a contract has been arranged with the successful supplier, unsuccessful suppliers must be advised, preferably in writing, of their non-selection (Treasurer's Instruction 1107).

As well as providing the name and the total value of the successful offer, eg lump sum price (where appropriate), this advice should reiterate the offer to debrief. (The original informatoin on debriefing should have been contained in the procurement documentation).  

All suppliers who submit a submission must, on request, be debriefed.

Where a procurement is subject to the provisions of a free trade agreement , if requested, the unsuccessful supplier must be promptly provided with a written explanation of the reasons that its submission was not selected.

Where a multi-staged purchasing process is used (for example where Expressions of Interest are used to short-list suppliers) suppliers not short-listed or placed on a multi-use list, must also be advised of their rejection and should be offered a debriefing interview.