Receiving Offers

Fair and impartial procedures must be in place in relation to receiving and opening quotation documentation. 

Agencies are required to provide suppliers with at least one electronic option for the lodging of their submission.

Quotations received prior to the closing time should be held in a secure facility to maintain confidentiality, to ensure probity and to protect the individuals involved from claims of unfair practices. A secure facility could include a lockable tender box, an electronic tender box on the Tenders website or secure email/ facsimile facilities. Detailed guidance on 'secure facilities' is provided at Receiving Tender Submissions.

Submissions are not to be opened until the time set for the closing of submissions has elapsed.

It is recommended that details of the quotation documents received are recorded including documented advice from suppliers who have declined to submit a quote. All quotations received should be clearly marked with the time and date of receipt, and recorded in an appropriate schedule or register.

While not mandatory, it is good practice to advise suppliers that you have received their offer.

Information provided by suppliers is confidential and must not be provided to unauthorised persons.

How do I deal with late offers?

Ensure that you have followed the procedures set out in the conditions of quotations for any late offers.

By accepting a late offer, you must ensure that you are not providing an advantage to the bidder over other bidders.