Probity Adviser Directory

​​​​The Department of Treasury and Finance has established a multi-use list (the Directory) to assist agencies in selecting a probity adviser where it has been determined that one is required.

The intended users of the Directory are those required to comply with the Treasurer's Instructions issued under the Financial Management Act 2016. Any other entities who choose to use the Directory should exercise due diligence and undertake their own conflict of interest checks. 

Directory members are required to provide independent probity advice to State government agencies. Directory members must disclose any conflicts of interest and provide evidence of current professional indemnity insurance. 

The simplified process for engaging a probity​ adviser is set out in Treasurer's Instruction PP-2 Procurement Processes - Market Approaches.

These simplified procurement arrangements are restricted to processes that only involve members of the Directory. 


All advisers listed on the Directory have agreed to maintain, for the purposes of any contracts entered into for the supply of probity services, appropriate levels of public liability and professional indemnity insurance in accordance with the terms and conditions of the Contract for Services formalised directly between the instructing agency and the Probity Adviser.

For information to assist agencies in determining the appropriate level of insurance, refer to the Guidelines for Determining Appropriate Levels of Insurance for Goods and Services Contracts (refer to publications).

Agencies must seek proof of insurance when contracting an adviser.​