Purchasing Overview

​Legislative and policy framework

The Treasurer's Instructions establish the procurement principles, Government policy and mandatory procedures for procurement and contracting.

Key publications include:



Treasurer's Instructions​
​Sets out the mandatory requirements that agencies are to apply in relation to procurement and disposal of assets.
​​Better Practice Guidelines​ 
A series of publications that provide guidance and information in relation to the requirements of the Treasurer's Instructions.​ ​

International Procurement Obligations

Details the requirements that apply to procurement impacted by an international agreement.  These are in addition to the mandatory requirements contained in the Treasurer's Instructions.

Procurement Practices Manual

  PPM Best Practice for the Engagement of Consultants (Civil and Civic) - guidance information in relation to the engagement of consultants.​​

Who do these purchasing policies and procedures apply to?

These purchasing policies and procedures apply to agencies required to comply with section 51 of the Financial Management Act 2016. They do not apply to State-owned Companies or Government Business Enterprises.

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