Purchasing Participants

Agencies and Government buyers

Each agency is responsible for its own purchasing requirements. Government buyers are responsible for the purchasing process, from the initial planning phase through to inviting and receiving offers, evaluating tenders, and finalising contracts. Government buyers are bind by the mandatory requirements of the Treasurer's Instructions including application of the purchasing principles.

Head of Agency

The head of each agency is responsible for ensuring that procurement is undertaken in accordance with the requirements of the Treasurer's Instructions.

In addition, the Treasurer's Instructions require that certain purchasing decisions only be made by a Head of Agency. For example, inclusion of confidentiality provisions in contracts, approval to engage goods and services consultants (above certain financial levels), and approval of alternative procurement methodologies etc.

Department of Treasury and Finance

The Department of Treasury and Finance is responsible for:

  • establishing and managing, whole-of-government / common-use contracts;
  • providing advice to the Government on purchasing policies and procedures;
  • developing purchasing guidelines;
  • chairing the Procurement Reference Group;
  • managing the prequalification process for building construction consultants and contractors; and
  • administering the National Prequalification System for Non-residential Building for Tasmania.

Department of State Growth

The Department of State Growth is responsible for managing roads and bridges related contracting and for administering a registration processes for roads and bridges contractors.

Procurement Reference Group

The Procurement Reference Group facilitates agency input into the development of procurement policy, training and tools and gives members the opportunity to keep abreast of developments, and to share experiences and lessons learned.

Each agency is entitled to be represented on the Procurement Reference Group. Treasury chairs the Group and provides administrative support.

As members of the Reference Group are responsible for:

  • working within their agency to increase the profile and priority of sound procurement practices;
  • providing a conduit between their agency and Treasury in relation to procurement policy, issues and information;
  • promoting procurement resources and training to all levels within their agency; and
  • providing out-of-session feedback to Treasury, when requested;

they usually have knowledge of procurement issues across their agency. As a result they are a good source of information and guidance for other agency officers involved in a procurement process. 

Agency Complaints Officers

Agency Complaints Officers are responsible for investigating, recording and reporting all complaints received by an agency in relation to procurement activity.

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