Buy Local Policy

The Buy Local Policy is aimed at incre​asing awareness of the requirements for, and benefits in, buying locally and in improving access to Government​ contracts for small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

The Policy applies to inner-Budget agencies and other entities subject to the Financial Management and Audit Act 1990. Full details of the policy requirements are set out in the Treasurer's Instructions and in the publication, Buy Local Policy: A Guide for Government Agencies. However, in summary, the Policy requires agencies to:

  • undertake an assessment of the impact of the procurement on local suppliers (Treasurer's Instructions 1119 and 1225);
  • approach Tasmanian businesses for a quote or tender, where local capability exists (Treasurer's Instructions 1106, 1107, 1206 and 1207);
  • disaggregate substantial procurement opportunities (Treasurer's Instructions 1119 and 1225);
  • adopt a local benefits test for all procurements with a value of $50 000 or more (Treasurer's Instructions 1119 and 1225); and
  • ensure that, for high value procurements, a Tasmanian Industry Participation Plan is prepared (Treasurer's Instructions 1119 and 1225).

Guidance information relevant to the Buy Local Policy is contained in the following publications. Links to these are included in the Resource Centre in the right hand side of this page.

  • Buy Local Policy: A Guide for Government Agencies;
  • Tasmanian Industry Impact and Participation Policy and Guides; and
  • How to Assess Value for Money.

Relevant templates for use in complying with the Policy, also available from the Resource Centre are:

  • Pre-procurement Local Impact Assessment;
  • Local SME Industry Impact Statement; and
  • Tasmanian Industry Participation Plan.