Conflicts of Interest and Declarations

Impartiality is very important in Government procurement. The Treasurer's Instructions 1101 and 1201 provide that all persons involved in the procurement process must complete conflict of interest declarations and take steps to avoid involvement in any procurement activity where any conflict of interest (actual or perceived) may arise. All participants in the procurement process include agency staff who may be involved in the procurement, project consultants, probity advisers etc.

There are separate forms available for State Service Employees and Non-State Service Employees.

Should a participant in a procurement process have any interest in the outcome of a decision, no matter how remote, he/she must immediately declare that interest.

Agencies are required to develop and maintain a process for the recording of conflict of interest declarations. Records kept must include details of the action taken to manage the conflict of interest and be auditable. Information to assist agencies to establish a suitable process is contained in the publication Recording Conflict of Interest Declarations - Guidelines for Agencies.

Government buyers should refer to their agency for information on the specific processes within their agency.