Industry Participation Plans (IPP)

An Industry Participation Plan is a strategic document aimed at improving opportunities for local SME businesses in Government funded or resourced projects.

Treasurer's Instructions 1119 and 1225 require agencies to request suppliers provide a Tasmanian Industry Participation Plan (as part of their response to an agency's approach to the market) in relation to procurement processes for:

  • procurements valued at over $5 million; or
  • procurements valued at over $2 million up to, and including, $5 million, where the Head of Agency, at their discretion, has determined that a Tasmanian Industry Participation Plan is required.

A Tasmanian Industry Participation Plan for a particular supplier must be approved before a contract is finalised with the supplier, and before a supplier enters into sub-contracting arrangements.

A Tasmanian Industry Participation Plan is also required from proponents of private sector projects valued at over $5 million that receive support, including in-kind support, valued at or greater than $500 000 from the Government. The Plan must be approved before the project proponent enters into relevant procurement arrangements.

An approved Tasmanian Industry Participation Plan (or the Executive Summary of the approved plan where deemed more appropriate) must be provided to Treasury for publication. These are published here.

Guidance information is available from the publication Tasmanian Industry Impact and Participation Policy and Guides.