Performance Reporting

The availability of accurate and relevant data on the capabilities and performance of prequalified contractors and consultants is essential if agencies are to fulfil their risk management obligation in relation to selection, appointment and management of providers. An important method for maintaining currency of information on prequalified contractors and consultants and for documenting issues that arise is by way of contractor and consultant performance reports.

The reports are designed to assist with the ongoing assessment of the technical and management capabilities of prequalified contractors and consultants; the continuous evaluation of the tendering process; the assessment of tenders; and the alerting of superintendents for future projects to areas of a prequalified contractor's or consultant's performance that need extra attention during the contract period. The performance criteria should always be disclosed, in advance, to contractors and consultants and pro forma reports are available for use.

The timely preparation of these reports is the responsibility of the agency engaging the supplier. It is fundamental to the process that the information be timely, accurate, consistent and a true reflection of performance. As such, the reports must be objective and accurate to the extent that they can be relied upon by officers making accountable decisions related to prequalification (ie registration, regrading) or the selection of a provider.

The Government is committed to having an open and co-operative approach in dealing with prequalified contractors and consultants. This includes a responsibility to ensure that the contractor or consultant receive a copy of the report and are given the opportunity to comment on any adverse report before it is forwarded by the contracting agency to Treasury.

The completion of performance reports when utilising the services of prequalified providers is mandatory under Treasurer's Instruction 1220. Copies of reports must be forwarded to the Manager, Contracts, Procurement and Property Branch, Department of Treasury and Finance.

Instructions in relation to performance reporting are provided as follows:

  • Contractor Performance Reports (Treasury Prequalification Scheme);
  • Consultant Performance Reports (Treasury Prequalification Scheme); and
  • Contractor Performan​ce Reports (National Prequalification System for Non-residential Building).


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