Procurement of Telephony and Related Services

In August 2011 the Government agreed on a whole-of-government multi-supplier approach to the procurement and delivery of future telephony and related services.

Treasurer's Instruction 1112 Common use / Whole-of-government contracts and other arrangements: goods and services provides that agencies are required to use the integrated communications services and arrangements provided by TMD, Department of Premier and Cabinet, including fixed and mobile voice and data carriage, interconnecting service gateways, telephony, desktop videoconferencing, instant messaging and related end user devices.

TMD has arrangements in place for the supply of all goods and services listed as forming part of the integrated communications services. Depending on the component, TMD may provide the goods or services, establish agreements under which the goods or services may be purchased, or establish technical standards relating to the goods or services. If an agency has a niche requirement, for example in relation to security or interconnection with a system maintained by another jurisdiction or third party, TMD can assist the agency to meet that requirement while using the Government's integrated communications services and arrangements.

TMD has also established an optional whole-of-government panel for the supply of active networking equipment and associated services.

Information in relation to relevant arrangements established by TMD can be obtained from the TMD website.

A major project is underway through TMD to replace all obsolescent analogue telephony services across Government with IP telephony and related services before March 2014.