Tasmanian Wood Encouragement Policy

The Tasmanian Wood Encouragement Policy has been issued to ensure sustainably sourced wood is fully considered, where feasible, in Tasmanian Government procurement, particularly for new buildings and refurbishment projects.  It does not mandate wood, but rather seeks to ensure that wood is considered as a key design component where:

  • it represents value for money;
  • it provides appropriate quality and functionality;
  • it complies with the Buy Local Policy;
  • there are no technical or performance reasons for not considering wood; and
  • it complies with relevant Australian Standards.

The policy applies to all procurement by agencies and also requires agencies to engage with proponents of private sector and local government building construction projects that receive relevant government funding or that are to be leased by government, in relation to the requirements of the policy.

The policy is administered by the Department of State Growth. Compliance with the policy is mandated by Treasurer's Instructions 1130 and 1233.

Any queries in relation to the policy are to be directed to State Growth at forests@stategrowth.tas.gov.au.