The Tasmanian Government Art Site Scheme

The Tasmanian Government Art Site Scheme is administered by Arts Tasmania. It requires that a percentage of the project capital works estimate for relevant Government construction and refurbishment projects is allocated to the purchase and commissioning of artworks.

The Scheme does not apply to building maintenance works or residential housing.

Compliance with the Scheme is reflected in Treasurer's Instruction 1222.

Application of the Scheme

The Scheme applies to all major works for building and construction relating to new buildings and refurbishment projects. The contribution for the purchase and commissioning of artworks, for projects valued is 2 per cent of the project capital works estimate. Each project has an upper limit of $80 000.

The Minister for the Arts and the portfolio Minister responsible for the agency conducting the procurement must approve the Artist's Brief, which describes the commissioning, or purchase, of the artwork(s) to be undertaken.

The Artist's Brief will be developed by the architect, the agency, the building user and the Public Art Officer.

The best results are achieved from the Scheme when the artworks are integrated into the building design or fabric. To achieve this outcome it is essential that Arts Tasmania is consulted early in the project planning stage.

Further information

Further information on the Scheme is available at