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  • Glossary
    Explanation of terms used throughout this section of the website.
  • Frequently Asked Questions
    Answers to some frequently asked questions.
  • Tips
    Handy hints and tips in relation to specific components of the purchasing process.
  • Checklists
    Useful checklists to assist in the procurement process.
  • Forms
    Template and example forms for use by agencies in relation to procurement activity including templates prepared by the Office of the Crown Solicitor.
  • Publications
    Publications and guidelines relating to the Tasmanian Government's procurement policies and process requirements.
  • Items of Interest
    Bulletins in relation to newly issued or amended procurement policy or process requirements.
  • Probity Adviser Directory
    Information on the use of probity advisors in procurement processes and a link to the probity advisory directory.
  • Training
    Details of training available to government buyers and contract managers.
  • Procurement Template Documentation
    Tender, Quotation, Contract and Requisition templates for use by agencies in their procurement activities.
  • Useful Links
    Links to other useful websites including Treasury sites, Tasmanian Government and Local Government sites and other jurisdictions.