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​Increase to free trade agreement thresholds

With effect from 1 January 2024, the free trade agreement thresholds for covered government procurements have been amended to reflect A$693 000 for goods and services and A$9 762 000 for construction services (both GST inclusive).​

Changes to the Tasmanian Government building and construction procurement framework

A number of changes to the building and construction elements of the Tasmanian Government Procurement Framework have taken effect on 1 September 2023. 

A fact sheet which provides a full summary of the changes taking effect can be found here

Changes include an increase to the threshold above which an open tender process for the procurement of building and construction works must be used, from $250 000 to $500 000.

The threshold above which contractors and sub‑contractors must be prequalified under the Department of Treasury and Finance Prequalification Scheme to bid for government works contracts has also increased from $250 000 to $500 000.

In addition, a new process for the placement of contract works and public liability insurance for relevant works projects has been implemented, including a transition of the responsibility for the placement of insurance from contractors to Tasmanian Government agencies. 

A number of other aspects of the building and construction procurement framework, that are aligned to the value of the open tender threshold, will also be amended to reflect the increase.

​​​​​​New information technology procurement framework

Following the Technology Services Procurement Review (see additional details below), the Tasmanian Government has made changes to the way it procures ICT products and services.

The new information technology framework includes:

  • the Tasmanian Technology Contract Conditions framework (to replace the GITC); 
  • the Technology Services Multi-use List (to replace the ICT Professional Services Panel); and
  • removing the default provisions seeking liability from suppliers, with a new model contractor policy based on risk sharing. 

Information about the Tasmanian Technology Contract Conditions framework can be found here​

Information about the Technology Services List can be found here

Technology Services Procurement Review

The Department of Treasury and Finance (Treasury) is undertaking a review to streamline procurement processes for technology services. This is part of ongoing work to simplify procurement following the release of new Treasurer's Instructions on I July 2019, issued under the Financial Management Act 2016.

This review will seek to address issues associated with the existing contractual framework for ICT contracting which have been raised by both industry and government. The proposed simplification initiatives relate to two specific areas, being:

  • The Government Information Technology Conditions (GITC); and
  • A review and potential replacement of the existing ICT professional services panel. ​​

Discussion Paper

Treasury has developed a discussion paper which provides more detail regarding the proposals for the areas outlined above. We welcome your feedback about the proposals by 29 November 2019.

The discussion paper can be accessed from the Department of Treasury and Finance website here.

(Dated 30 October 2019)

Review Outcomes

The Department of Treasury and Finance has published a paper which summarises​ the outcomes of the review, including:

  • The recommended option for the replacement of the ICT professional services panel; and 
  • The progress towards establishing a suitable replacement for the Government Information Technology Conditions (GITC).

 A copy of the paper can be accessed here.

(Dated 13 November 2020)

Technology Services List update

​The invitation for suppliers who wish to be considered for inclusion on the Technology Services List, initially scheduled for 10 April 2021, has been rescheduled following the recent State Government election. Suppliers will be invited to apply for inclusion on the TSL from 29 May 2021, via the Tenders website. 

Given the delay, and to ensure that suppliers have sufficient time to apply for and be assessed for inclusion on the TSL, the new framework will be implemented on 16 August 2021.

See the Technology Services Procurement Review Update - May 2021 fact sheet for further details. 

​(25 May 2021)

Procurement Improvement Project

To support the introduction of the Financial Management Act 2016 and the revised Treasurer's Instructions a project has been established to review, revise and redevelop all of the associated procurement information, resources and documentation.  

The aim of this project is to:

  • provide relevant, contemporary and useful information and resources to assist agencies in undertaking procurement processes;
  • reduce and remove duplication of information and processes; and
  • refresh information, documentation and resources.
Significant work towards this has already commenced with some key changes made as follows:
  • changes to this website to include a process flowchart linking to the relevant TIs and a significant reduction of the volume of information contained on Buying for Government with much of this information being now located in the Better Practice Guidelines (referred to above);
  • a new Procurement Plan developed to replace the previous Procurement Authorisation and Plan and Evaluation and Probity templates.  It is designed for use in all procurements and can be tailored to suit agency needs or circumstance;
  • a new Evaluation Report template developed to replace the previous evaluation report template.  The template is designed for use for all procurements and can be tailored to suit the needs of agencies; and
  • significant amendments to the template procurement checklists to simplify the documents and provide more guidance. These checklists can be adapted to suit agency’s needs.
The Procurement Plan, and Evaluation Report and checklists operate interactively, eliminating the duplication of information previously required by the template documents.

The Department of Treasury and Finance will continue to work on this project and this may​​ include redesigning or redeveloping the Purchasing website.  As part of this project we will be seeking feedback from agencies regarding areas for improvement.

Questions and comments are welcomed and can be made by contacting the Policy Unit of the Procurement​, Risk and Contract Management Branch, Department of Treasury and Finance. Contact details are set out below.

(Dated 1 July 2019)



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