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Disposal policy amendments - Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery Act requirements

With effect from 14 February 2018, the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery Act 2017 imposes an obligation on some agencies to ensure that they do not dispose of material that is, or might be, of State significance without first giving the Board of Trustees of TMAG notice of disposal. These obligations apply to Government departments specified in Part 1 of Schedule 1 to the State Service Act 2000. Additional entities may be obliged to comply with the requirement by regulation in the future. 

Section 16 of the Act sets out the requirements, relevant definitions and how the Board will deal with notices. Heads of Agencies have been provided with advice in relation to the Act.

The Disposal of Government Assets policy document has been amended to reference this legislative requirement. TI 1301 has also been amended to reflect disposal requirements for the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.

(Dated 14 February 2018)

Changes to FTA threshold

With effect from 1 January 2018 the FTA threshold has been amended to reflect A$657,000 for goods and services (GST inclusive) and A$9,247,000 for construction services (GST inclusive).

Amendments have been made to Treasurer’s Instructions 1102 and 1202 and are available on the Treasury Website

(Dated 30 January 2018)


Changes to Treasurer's Instructions- electronic lodgement of procurement submissions

With effect from 13 November 2017 agencies will be required to provide suppliers with at least one electronic option for the lodging of their procurement submissions.

The method of electronic lodgement used is a matter for each agency to decide, ensuring all requirements in relation to handling and confidentiality can be met. Electronic options may include, for example, the use of the Tenders website electronic lodgement functionality or a secure email or facsimile facility.

To facilitate the above changes, amendments have been made to Treasurer's Instructions 1106, 1107, 1109, 1206, 1207 and 1209 available on Treasury's website at

Changes are being made to the Crown Solicitor's pro forma procurement documentation.

(Dated 14 November 2017)


Tasmanian Wood Encouragement Policy

The Government has most recently released the Tasmanian Wood Encouragement Policy and two new Treasurer's Instructions have been released to give effect to the policy.

Refer to Instructions 1130 and 1233, available from the Treasury website, and the Tasmanian Wood Encouragement Policy for further information.

(Dated 21 July 2017)


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