Requests for Tender, Requests for Quotation, Contracts and Requisitions

​​​​​​​​​​​TTCC procurement and contract template documentation is located here​.

Office of the Crown Solicitor RFQ, RFT and contract templates

Building and Construction

Goods and Services

The publication, OCS Goods and Services Template Guide provides comprehensive instructions and advice in relation to the use of the OCS procurement templates first issued in 2021 and listed below. The guide is only available, from the Office of the Crown Solicitor, to agencies and entities that are required to comply with Treasurer's Instructions issued under the Financial Management Act 2016 (Tas). OCS recommend that users of the OCS procurement templates refer to the guide when drafting procurement documents based on the templates below.

Further guidance on using the templates, including any restrictions, can be found in the OCS Goods and Services Template Overview.


​Archived Documents

Archived template documents can be viewed here​.​



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