Common-use Contracts of the Tasmanian Government

​​​​Common-use contracts (Treasury and Finance)

The Department of Treasury and Finance has established a number of common-use contracts ​for use by multiple agencies. These contracts have been established where a common requirement for goods or services across Government agencies has been identified. An index is available (here) which links to a description of the goods or services provided and includes contact information in relation to each available contract

Organisations eligible to access common-use contracts include:

  1. Entities required to comply with the Treasurer's ​Instructions. Under the Treasurer's Instructions, these entities must use the mandatory common-use contracts unless otherwise authorised by the Secretary, Department of Treasury and Finance. 
  2. Government Business Enterprises (GBEs), State Owned Companies, Statutory Authorities and Local Government. These organisations can access selected common-use contracts.
  3. Organisations that satisfy specified ATO charities requirements. These organisations can also apply for access to selected common-use contracts. ​​Other charitable organisations that consider that they may be eligible for access to the Tasmanian Government's common-use contracts can contact the Procurement, Risk and Contract Management Branch of Treasury on (03) 6145 5007 ​for more information.

Common-use contracts (Premier and Cabinet)

The Department of Premier and Cabinet maintain a number of contracts which are required to be used by agencies. These are the Networking Tasmania contracts and arrangements relating to integrated communication services.

Information on both the Networking Tasmania contract and Integrated Communication Services arrangements is available from Digital Strategy and Services at