Common-use Contracts Index

​​Common-use Contracts established by the Department of Treasury and Finance

Set out below is a list of common-use contracts established by the Department of Treasury and Finance for use by inner-Budget agencies. Treasurer's Instruction 1112 provides that all contracts in the list must be utilised by inner-Budget agencies when procuring the goods or services that the contract relates to.

Some of these contracts are also accessible by optional users such as Government Business Enterprises, statutory authorities, Local Government and other community based organisations approved by Treasury.

Contract IDTitleExpires
A001Advertising - Television (Master Ordering Arrangement)30/6/2019
A003Advertising - Print Media Services for Vacancy Notices, Tenders and Public Notices31/3/2022
A004Advertising - Radio (Master Ordering Arrangement)30/6/2019
ActuaristTasmanian Risk Management Fund and Public Sector Superannuation - Actuary31/8/2020
BK03Government Banking Services31/7/2019
C106Cartage, Interstate Air Freight30/11/2020
C141Computer Software - Microsoft31/12/2020
C150Information and Communications Technology Hardware Contract31/12/2019
DRS 2018 External Debt Recovery Panel Contract30/8/2021
F200Fleet Management Agreement30/4/2022
FAATasmanian Risk Management Fund - Fund Administration Agent30/6/2020
ICT PS 2017ICT Professional Services Panel Contract30/6/2019
L300Leasing Finance Facility28/2/2020
P450Petroleum Products31/12/2020
V675Vehicles Hire and Drive30/4/2021


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