Computer Software - Microsoft

Contract Number C141
Expires 31/12/2020

‚ÄčThe contract is for the supply of Microsoft licenses through the Open Government program (no minimum order size) and the Enterprise Agreement program (minimum 250 licenses).

Enterprise Agreement Open Government
This program provides volume licensing benefits for agencies that have at least 250 qualified desktops. Because of the high volume it offers simple administration, a low pricing structure, and centralised payment planning.This program offers an efficient volume licensing solution for small to medium sized agencies, that do not meet the minimum size threshold to qualify for an Enterprise Agreement, or wish to purchase products as they deploy. The initial order level is one product - as is any reorder.
Master Ordering Agency
See below.
Contractor Details/
Master Ordering Agency Contact
Enterprise Agreement Open Government
Winc Australia Pty Limited
Data #3 Ltd
Alphawest Pty Ltd
IRIS Computing Pty Ltd
Intuit Technologies
Winc Australia Pty Limited
Anittel Pty Ltd
Data #3 Limited
Who Can Access Inner-Budget agencies
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