Information and Communications Technology Hardware Contract

Contract Number C150 (mandatory)
Expires 30/04/2026

Scope of this Contract

The C150 panel contract covers the supply, maintenance, installation and related services of the following products and services.

  • desktop, laptop, tablet computers and monitors;
  • general accessories for equipment purchased under the contract, such as:
    • various computer interface cards such as network or graphics cards;
    • multimedia drives;
    • memory upgrades;
    • keyboards, mice, monitors; and
    • laptop bags;
  • specified services for equipment purchased under the contract, such as:
    • imaging of hardware; and
    • deployment of new equipment and reallocation/decommissioning; 
  • printers; 
  • multifunction devices; 
  • storage and server equipment; 
  • network and ICT security equipment; 
  • smart screens and whiteboards; 
  • conferencing equipment; and 
  • warranty and maintenance services for equipment purchased under the contract.

It is recommended that Agencies seek competitive quotes for the supply of goods and services from Contractors on the C150 panel.  

The type of services and equipment that are considered outside of the scope of this contract include, but are not limited to the following:
  • applications development, including Internet web design and e-commerce;
  • application support;
  • design and cabling services;
  • project management;
  • process re-engineering;
  • strategic planning; and
  • desktop video conferencing equipment.

Procurement of goods and services outside of the scope of this contract should be undertaken in accordance with the relevant Treasurer's Instructions. 


CCTV has been removed as a category of ICT Hardware under the C150 Contract, effective 1 May 2022.

Following its removal from the C150 Contract, government agencies will be required to procure CCTV services in a manner consistent with the Treasurer's Instructions and the Tasmanian Government's Procurement Framework (and their own internal policy, if any).  For further information on the Framework, please refer to the Tasmanian Government Purchasing website (

Official Order Forms

The C150 panel contract has been established to enable pre-agreed terms and conditions to be accessed repeatedly by agencies, which ensure that the Government has suitable protection when undertaking Information Technology procurement.  The C150 official order forms developed by the Crown Solicitor's Office must be used by agencies to order products and services from the suppliers on this contract.  Utilising these order forms eliminates the need to settle "stand alone" documentation each time a product is purchased from a particular supplier and ensures that purchasers benefit from the protections in the C150 panel contract framework.

 For ease of use, a partially pre-populated form is provided for each Contractor in the table below . ​ 

Additional C150 Purchasing Conditions​
Payment Terms​

Payment terms as specified in the official order form.  Agencies are to pay correctly rendered invoices within 14 days of receipt, except if expressly stated otherwise in the official order form. 
Delivery Terms
As specified in the offical order form.  No additional cost or changes, except as set out in the order form, are to apply.

Thirty six month warranties apply unless otherwise specified in the official order form.  A copy of the relevant warranties is to be attached to each official order form, and Agencies should ensure those warranties are fit for purpose and meet their operational needs. 


Master Ordering Agency
See below
Contractor Details/
Master Ordering Agency Contact

​Contractor Details for Price Enquiries and Ordering

A bespoke agreement has been signed by the resellers for the supply of peripheral items and value added services.

Resellers have been endorsed by the manufacturer's whose products they represent under the contract.

Contractor Address Telephone Contact​​​Supplier Order Form

​Allcom Networks Pty Ltd
122 O'Riordan Street
Mascot NSW 2020
​0413 426 157

(02) 9921 1301
​Mike Smith



​Allcom Networks

​​Anabelle Bits Pty Ltd t/a ASI Solutions​​
4/85 Macquarie Street
Hobart 7000
(03)​ 8538 3109 

0431 106 251
Frank DiPalma

Anabelle ​Bits ​
Contact Electrical Pty Ltd
17 Federal Street
Noth Hobart 7000
(03) 6231 0944

Andrew Otley

Dean Medwin

​Contact Electrical
8 Shamrock Street
Launceston 7250
(03) 6344 1775
13 Corcellis Street
Wivenhoe 7320
(03) 6432 3552
​Centorrino Technologies Pty ltd

​Level 3, 85 Macquarie Street
Hobart 7000
​​1300 888 918
​Adam Centorrino

​Centorrino Technologies

​640-642 Sydney Road, Coburg VIC 3058
Data#3 Limited
Level 7, 39 Murray St
Hobart 7000
(03) 6217 9411 

0417 362 292
Karen Murfett

​Data #3 Limited
76 York St
Launc​eston 7250

ELB Pty Ltd

​20 Atchison Street
St Leonards, NSW 2065
​(02) 9433 4444

​Marie Bolton

 ELB Pty Ltd

​​More Than Mobiles Pty Ltd t/a Essentially Mobile 
​152 Macquarie St
Hobart 7000
(03) 6231 6111​
​Ben Sturges


​Essentially Mobile
Document Management Tasmania Pty Ltd t/a Fuji Xerox Business Centre
​46 Brisbane St
Hobart  7000
6210 9666

0418 120 698​
Paul Fallon

Document Management Tasmania

​FortyTwo24 Pty Ltd​
​Level 1, 134-136 Main Rd
​0434 999 801
​Emma Hornsey

Cambridge Superstore Pty Ltd atf Cambridge Superstore No. 2 t/a Harvey Norman AV/IT Superstore Cambridge Park

** Please Note: Harvey Norman AV/IT Superstore Cambridge Park is the only Harvey Norman on the C150, agencies are not permitted to purchase through other Harvey Norman stores.​​
Unit B11,
66 Kennedy Dr  
Cambridge  TAS 7170

​​0482 791 910
​Phillip Morrisby 


​Harvey Norman Cambridge
​Interact IT Services Pty Ltd
​243 Murray St
Hobart 7000
(03) 6231 2458
​James Newman
​Interact IT Services
Integrate AV Pty Ltd
​Level 3, 85 Macquarie St
Hobart 7000
​1800 742 748
​Katrina Spiller


​Integrate AV 
​​IRIS Computing Pty Ltd
265 Elizabeth St
Hobart 7000
(03) 6213 3700
Andrew Telega

​IRIS Computing
187 Brisbane St
Launceston 7250
 (03) 6213 3700
2 Massy Greene Drv
Burnie 7320
 (03) 6213 3700

Intuit Technologies Pty Ltd​
​39 Sandy Bay Rd Battery Point 7004
0419 119 729
Stuart Mitchell

​Intuit Technologies

​49-55 Frederick St Launceston 7250
​(03) 6325 5200

10 Wellington St Burnie 7320
​​(03) 6432 1431

​​Jettech Networks Pty Ltd t/a Jeanneret Electrical Technologies
​Level 1
39A Tasma Street
North Hobart 7000
​1300 601 146
​Sam Jeanneret 

​Jettech Networks
Link Technologies Tasmania Pty Ltd​
​353 Wellington St
Launceston 7250
​(03) 6344 3305
​Brett Richmond


​Link Technologies Tasmania      
​​MUDA Pty Ltd t/a Principal Computers
​243 Harrrington Street Hobart 7000
​(03) 6235 5000
​James Murdoch

​Principal Computers
Officeworks Ltd
99-103 Campbell Street, Hobart TAS 7000
0490 859 304 
Kellie Webb

PO Box 513, Bentleigh East VIC 3165
0490 859 304 
​​​Outcomex Pty Ltd

Suite 502, 32 Delhi Rd
North Ryde
NSW 2113​
(02) 8879 3888
Keisha Cooper
Perfekt Pty Ltd
​Level 6, Reserve Bank Building 111 Macquarie St, Hobart 7000
(03) 9945 2255​
​Abie Gelbart​
System Sales Pty Ltd t/a Phil Hughes' Office Solutions​
10/14 Broadland Drive
Newstead 7250
1300 850 958
Ryan Hughes
Phil Hughes' Office Solutions
​​Dyernamics Pty Ltd t/a Ricoh Business Centre Ulverstone
​21A Victoria St
Ulverstone 7315
​(03) 6425 6888​
​Ken Vayne
Ricoh Business Centre Ulverstone 
TasmaNet Pty Ltd

​40-50 Innovation Dr      Dowsing Point 7010
​1300 792 711
​​Andrew Lane
​Tasprint Pty Ltd

219 Murray St
Hobart 7000
(03) 6210 1200
John Andrews

353 Wellington St
Launceston 7250
(03) 6344 3305
Brett Richmond

21A Victoria St
Ulverstone 7315
(03) 6425 6888
Ken Vayne

Techbyte Solutions Pty Ltd​ 
66 George Street
​(03) 6312 5190
​Mark Smith

 Techbyte Solutions

Techquity Pty Ltd

​39A Tasma St
North Hobart 7000
​1300 512 516
​Mathew Cripps

​Telstra Corporation Limited
242 Exhibition Street
Melbourne  VIC 3000

0417 548 117
​​Daniel Ansell

 Telstra Corporation  ​

KEH Partnership Pty Ltd t/a The School Locker
​103 Hyde Road, Yeronga QLD 4305
0422 639 146
Jack Crawford-Corser

 The School Locker C150 Order Form

Uplinx Advanced Services atf Ingenisys Capital Trust​

​Level 5
66 Berry Street
North Sydney
NSW  2060
1300 892 009
Pieter de Jong
Uplinx Advanced Services
​Winc Australia Pty Ltd
​​17 Brisbane Street
Hobart 7000
​0439 456 006
​Vicky Bizos

Contractor Products Matrix

Refer to the categories below for a list of approved resellers.​


Smart Screen / Interactive Whiteboards


Multifunction Devices


Network Switches

Conferencing Equipment

Who Can Access Agencies, Government Business Enterprises, statutory authorities, Local Government and other community based organisations approved by Treasury.
Additional Information


Jason Fyfe (Treasury contact)
GPO Box 147
Phone: Phone: (03) 6145 5007

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