Technology Services Multi-Use List

​​The Technology Services Multi-use List (TSL) establishes a contemporary framework for the procurement of technology services, to connect technology suppliers with Tasmanian Government procurement opportunities.  

Suppliers may apply for inclusion on the TSL by submitting an application to Treasury. Once approved by Treasury, Tasmanian Government agencies may approach suppliers on the TSL for technology services procurements.

From 16 August 2021, Tasmanian Government agencies are required to use the TSL when procuring technology services within scope and valued at $100 000 or more. Agencies may also choose to use the TSL for procurements valued at less than $100 000.

The aim of the TSL is to:

  • improve suppliers' access and opportunities to compete for Tasmanian Government contracts;
  • streamline the ability for agencies to connect with the market;
  • allow new entrants to the market to apply to join the TSL at any time;
  • ensure new and emerging technologies are captured; and
  • integrate the Buy Local Policy into technology services procurements.

Scope of the TSL

The TSL applies to the procurement of the following technology services:

  • Application Development Services;
  • Data Analytics;
  • Project Management and Business Analysis;
  • Operational Technical Services;
  • Cyber Security; and
  • Strategic Advisory and Consulting.

  Technology Services List Scope and Categories   (165Kb)​

How the TSL works

If you wish to supply technology services to the Tasmanian Government, you must first be included on the TSL. You can apply for inclusion on the TSL at any time, via the Tasmanian Government Tenders website (

How TSL works.png

TSL Tookit

The TSL Toolkit provides guidance on how and when to use the Technology Services Multi-use List:


TSL Approved Suppliers

  TSL Approved Suppliers   (24Kb)


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