Identifying opportunities

​If you are looking for opportunities to sell to Tasmanian agencies, here are some ideas on where to start:

  • review -
    • the Agency buying information on this website for information on which  agencies buy what products and make yourself know to the buyers;

Making yourself known to the relevant buyers is very important as buyers may seek quotes for certain value purchases rather than going to an open tender.

    • the current list of tendering opportunities and the future opportunities on the Tenders website;
    • the Tasmanian Government Tenders section of the major Tasmanian papers (ie The Mercury, The Examiner and The Advocate) note not all opportunities will be advertised in newspapers or if they are, they may not be advertised in all major papers, so it is important to review the Tenders website regularly, to be registered to receive email notifications from the Tenders website and to make sure you are known to buyers;
    • agencies' Annual Reports;

Agencies have to provide information on individual contracts awarded with a value of $50 000 or more during the relevant year. This will help you identify the types of purchases made by individual agencies, as well as identifying when periodic contracts may next be tendered. Annual Reports are published on agency websites in late October to early November of each year.

This lists whole-of-government common use contracts (ie contracts used by  all agencies), including information on when they expire.

    •  the Tasmanian Infrastructure Project Pipeline - see here​; and
  • register for Building and Construction and/or Roads and Bridges work, and apply for a registration upgrade if your qualifications or circumstances change - see here.

You should also review tendering information in other Tasmanian and Australian papers for information on opportunities with other government organisations, councils, the Commonwealth Government etc. Links to useful sites are available here.


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