How to Get Known

​​​​​​Tasmanian Government purchasing is conducted by encouraging fair and open competition between suppliers, with the objective of achieving best value for money.

While open procurement ​​opportunities (generally used for purchases valued at $250 000 and over, or in the case of roads and bridges works procurements, $​​500 000 and over​​) are published on the Tenders website, invitations to quote (generally used for purchases up to $250 000, or in the case of roads and bridges works procurements, up to $500 000) do not need to be published. In some other circumstances agencies are able to direct select, or not advertise tenders, when specific circumstances are met. Therefore, it is important to make sure government buyers are aware of your business. If you have made yourself known to an agency and requested the opportunity to bid or expressed an interest in future opportunities, you will have maximised your opportunity to be involved in future procurement processes. The key to marketing your business is to target those agencies that use your goods, services or products and to make sure that they know your capabilities and are confident in your performance.

To get known you should:

  • make personal contact with the relevant buyers in those agencies;

Never assume that, as a local business, buyers know who you are and what you sell - provide information to relevant buyers on your goods, services or products. Make sure the information you provide is concise and relevant. Useful information for the buyer includes your company profile, testimonials and contact details.

  • maintain regular contact with buyers;
  • become familiar with each agency's usual purchasing procedures;
  • build a reputation for quality, service and innovation
  • add value to the purchasing process.
  • build a reputation for providing value for money;
  • pitch competitively every time; and
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