Roads and Bridges

​​​​Prequalifying as a Contractor for Civil (Roads and Bridges) Construction contracts

What does prequalification mean?

Prequalification is an objective assessment of the capacity of your company to complete the work required.

Prequalification ensures that only appropriately skilled and experienced entities, with suitable management systems in place, are permitted to submit tenders for certain categories of contract. This gives tenderers confidence that they will not be bidding against inexperienced entities. The road authority can have confidence that tenders will be received from entities previously vetted as financially and technically sound.

The Department of State Growth (State Growth) administers the Austroads National Prequalification System for Civil (Road and Bridge) Construction Contracts ('National Prequalification System') which consolidates the various jurisdiction-specific systems previously in place into a seamless, harmonised framework of applications, assessments and reviews.

The National Prequalification System consolidates all the various jurisdiction specific prequalification schemes previously in place into uniform road and bridge construction categories and uniform financial levels that have been adopted in Tasmania since 1 January 2011.

All contractors wishing to tender for road and bridge construction contracts and other nominated contract types must be prequalified in the relevant category at the time of close of tenders.

Contractors assessed under the National Prequalification System and awarded with "full" prequalification status in road/bridge construction categories and financial levels will be eligible to seek mutual recognition of this status with other Participating Authorities.

Approved contractors that receive prequalification status are prequalified from the date of approval for a period of three years.

Prequalification Categories and Financial Levels

State Growth has established prequalification categories for the construction of roads and bridges and for specialist categories. The current categories summarised in the Guidelines are as follows:

  • Road: R1, R2, R3, R4, and R5;
  • Bridge: B1, B2, B3, and B4;
  • Bridge Maintenance (BM);
  • Sealing (S);
  • Pavement Marking (P);
  • Road Safety Fencing (RSF); and
  • Traffic Signs (TS).

(The specialist categories are not subject to Mutual Recognition and will be assessed by State Growth on an individual company's application.)

The financial levels are identified by the letter 'F' and range at the levels below:

  • F0.25 - $250 000
  • F1 - $1 million
  • F2 - $2 million
  • F5 - $5 million
  • F10 - $10 million
  • F15 - $15 million
  • F20 - $20 million
  • F25 - $25 million
  • F50 - $50 million
  • F75 - $75 million
  • F100 - $100 million
  • F150 - $150 million
  • F150 PLUS - unlimited
Who needs to become prequalified?

Prequalification is for contractors seeking to tender for government civil (road and bridge) construction contracts. Government policy mandates that agencies are required to only engage prequalified contractors, for all major works procurement where an appropriate prequalification category exists.

Use of prequalified contractors for minor works is at the discretion of individual agencies.

Prospective tenderers for all road and bridge works are required to be prequalified with State Growth at the time of submission of tenders.

What should be in my Application?

Applicants for prequalification are required to meet eligibility criteria and must demonstrate sufficient achievement across the key areas of the Application to become prequalified.

The Application Form for road and bridge contractors is different to the forms used for building construction contractors and before you complete your Application Form you need to read the Department of State Growth guidance information (refer the link to the State Growth website in the right hand side of this page).

It is very important that you provide enough information for an assessment to be made and that you provide a professionally completed form. Your application should address the following key elements:

Company Profile

Provide background information on your company in the following areas:

  • Organisational structure
  • Stability of organisation
  • Senior management
  • General performance
  • Certified management systems.

Financial Capacity

Prove your company's financial viability over both the short and long term.

Company Experience

Provide details in the following areas:

  • Past and current projects
  • Contract completion
  • Project management
  • Partnering/relationship management
  • Community/stakeholder engagement
  • Utilisation of management systems
  • Traffic management

Technical Capacity

Demonstrate technical capacity to undertake works in the nominated prequalification categories ie experience in relevant work, evidence of sufficient staff, appropriate plant and equipment.

For a copy of the Application Form for prequalification and to find out more about State Growth's prequalification process you can go online at the Department's Road and Traffic Division's online service at:

​For further information requiring the prequalification process please contact the Department's Contract Services Branch at

Prequalifying as a Consultant for Civil (Roads and Bridges) Construction contracts

Prequalification for relevant civil (roads and bridges) consultancy work is through the Treasury Prequalification Scheme (Consultants).  Refer to Building and Construction​​ for further information.

Note: not all roads and bridges consultancies will fit into the categories in the above scheme.  In such cases, the Department of State Growth will undertaken standard procurement​ processes and prequalification will not be required.