Who are the Buyers?

Which agencies are subject to the requirements in this website?

The purchasing principles, procedures and policies outlined in this website apply to the Government agencies that are listed in the section on agency contacts (refer hotlink to the agency contact list on this page). 

The requirements do not (generally) apply to other government entities such as:

  • Australian Government agencies/Commonwealth Departments eg Centrelink, Department of Defence;
  • Government Business Enterprises eg Forestry Tasmania, Hydro Tasmania;
  • State-owned companies eg Aurora Energy Pty Ltd, Metro Tasmania Pty Ltd;
  • Statutory authorities eg Private Forests Tasmania; or
  • Local government / Councils.

Who are the buyers in each agency?

Generally, each agency is responsible for its own purchasing requirements. Some agencies have dedicated purchasing units but in the smaller agencies, purchasing is undertaken by a cross-section of staff throughout the agency.

Quotation and tender documents that are issued by an agency will have specific contact information included and if you have a question in relation to a particular purchasing process, these are the people that you should contact.

If you have a general purchasing query or are wishing to make yourself known to an agency in order to market your business, contact details for specific officers in each agency are listed in the Agency Contacts list.

Common Use Contracts (also known as whole-of-government contracts) are used for some specific goods and services. These contacts are administered by either the Department of Treasury and Finance or by the Department of Premier and Cabinet. A list of these contracts, together with other relevant information such as expiry dates etc, is available from the Contracts section of this website.

What does the Department of Treasury and Finance do?

The Department of Treasury and Finance is responsible for:

  • calling tenders for, and managing, a number of whole-of-government common use contracts;
  • providing advice to the Government on purchasing policies and procedures;
  • developing purchasing guidelines;
  • managing the prequalification process for building construction consultants and contractors; and
  • monitoring the performance of building construction consultants and contractors.

Details of how to contact Treasury are located via the link in the top right hand corner of this page. Note: Treasury is not able to answer queries in relation to tenders or contracts that are not issued or administered by Treasury itself. All such queries must be referred to the relevant agency.

What does the Department of State Growth do?

The Department of State Growth is responsible for managing roads and bridges related contracting and registration processes, including:

  • providing a tendering service;
  • registering road and/or bridge contractors;
  • providing and maintaining specifications and procedures in relation to these services; and
  • providing a focal point for industry liaison.

Details of how to contact the Department of State Growth are located in the Agency Contacts list.