​​​​​Where can I find out more information on government procurement policies and principles?

Information on the policies and principles that relate to government purchasing of goods an​d services and building and construction/roads and bridges are set out in the procurement Treasurer's Instructions.

Further information on the Tasmanian Government's purchasing policies and principles can be found on this website at Purchasing Policies and Purchasing Principles.

What is meant by "value for money"?

Value for money means achieving the desired outcome at the best possible price.  This does not necessarily mean the cheapest price. 

What is "open competition"?

"Open competition" means ensuring that the purchasing process is impartial, open to all offers, and encourages competitive offers.

How can I become known as a supplier/a preferred supplier?

See How to get Known for a number of useful ideas on how to market your company to government agencies.

However, there is no such thing as a preferred supplier. Suppliers are instead encouraged to make themselves known to government buyers and familiarise themselves with the requirements for doing business with government.

Do you have a list of all the agencies' purchasing officers?

Yes. The list of agency contacts can be located here.

Do the Government purchasing policies apply to all agencies?

No.  See here for information on which agencies are required to comply with the policies and principles that relate to government purchasing​.

What is the purchase value threshold for seeking 3 written quotations?

Generally (exceptions may apply) ​​the following thresholds will require agencies to seek 3 quotes:

  • Goods and Services - $100 000 or more and less than $250 000
  • Building and Construction (works) - $100 000 or more and less than $500 000
  • Roads and Bridges (works​) - $100 000 or more and less t​ha​n $500 000

What is Principal-arranged insurance?

Principal-arranged insurance is an insurance policy which Tasmanian Government agencies are required to use for all Government building and construction major works contracts. Use of the insurance is also required for all Government building and construction minor works contracts valued at $50 000 or more, unless a risk assessment undertaken by the tendering agency indicates that the use of the policy is not warranted. The policy covers both contract works and public liability.​

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